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Nuova TCM carries out work for robotized welding of steel structures for small, medium and large size.

Nuova TCM certifications: EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008

Quality, efficiency and control are the key words of Nuova TCM.

Our company is constantly focused on the changes of the market we are addressing, with resources, expertise, and reliability.

These are the machines that we use for robotic welding:

Centre for robotized welding, with two arms, one of which equipped with multifunction clamp grip.
Working dimensions: length 25 meters, up to an height of 4.9 meters.
The arms operate in pendular movement on two rotary tilting units with a capacity of 1.500 Kg, a lathe with a capacity of 3.500 Kg or, between the toes, pieces with length of 9 meters pieces.
Advanced Robotic welding device, two stations with pendular position with rotary tilting units up to 2.000 Kg and automatic exchange torch for two types of wire on the same piece.