TCM has decided to equip itself with one of the most powerful, best structured IT systems available, to organise and manage your business, and above all to enable it to handle any degree of market or organisational complexity in the future.

In 2010, in a project covering all corporate areas, it has adopted SAP ERP as its corporate IT system.  

SAP is able to manage ALL corporate flows, including the monitoring of production field data, achieved through an application fully integrated with the main system. 

As well as rationalising internal management, this very strong integration of the information flow frees resources for activities with greater value-added for ourselves and our partner customers, guarantees organisational standards, traces the entire supply chain in real time, and provides more and more accurate, complete information flows, an asset for our partners every bit as necessary as quality and innovation.

Some examples of data flow integration?

  • receipt of sales plans on-line, with immediate identification of the order's critical technical and logistical points;
  • capability for the customer to view the progress of work;
  • document storage in relation to the flow of the individual order, with traceability of every type of quality technical documentation over time.