Welding and finishing processes

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Nuova TCM is capable to handle welding operations and finishing of any kind and difficulty. The strength of Nuova TCM is the machining of robotized welding and mechanical precision, in general.

Quality, precision and control are the key words of Nuova TCM.

We have the following machines:

Centre for robotic welding with 2 arms which one is equipped with multifunction clamp grip.
Operating space: length 25 meters to an height of 4,9 meters.
The arms operate in pendular operation on 2 rotary tilting units with a capacity of 1.500 Kg; a lathe with a capacity of 3.500 Kg, holding long pieces up 9 meters between toes.
Advanced technology Robot welding, with 2 positions with pendular movement and with rotary overturning up to 2.000 Kg and automatic torch exchange for two types of wire on the same piece.


Nuova TCM is capable to handle any type of work concerning welding and robotic precision welding and milling.