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TCM has been operating in the precision machining sector for 35 years. From a small workshop, we have grown to be a leader in the contract machining sector, producing and processing me-chanical assemblies and components of every type and size to the customer's design. We are part of a group which includes three other companies, also in the engineering sector, but spe-cialising in hydraulics.
Out turnover exceeds 20 million Euro a year, rising to 45 million with our sister firms. We employ about 100 people and operate from premises of 11,000 square metres.
Our plant comprises more than 60 processing stations, allowing us to carry out robotic wire wel-ding, numerically controlled milling and turning, boring, rectification, cutting and assembly on lots of all sizes. Our size reflects the success of a policy that has already found favour with many customers, responding to the growing need to increase organisational efficiency by concentra-ting resources on the core business. In other words, TCM's approach to the contract machining market has been based for years on a simple question: why use 100 subcontractors when you could use 50?
Our answer has been to become the single partner, for our customers, for the development of entire parts of their output, starting from the provision of know-how for design optimisation, through to production quality and efficiency, handling the entire logistical flow, to deliver standards of service in line with every organisation's specific requirements with regard to quality, times and traceability. All this has made us a successful supplier to a variety of indu-strial sectors, including paving, steel, construction and tourism, providing our contractors with f.